10 Ways to Understand What Your Cat is Saying

Cats are among the most mysterious of pets. They do many of the same things that dogs and even humans do, like purr when they’re happy, meow to get your attention, and lie on their backs with their paws in the air when they’re scared or injured. But what does it mean when your cat rolls over on its back? Is it trying to tell you something? You can get to know your cat better by keeping an eye out for these 10 signs that it’s trying to communicate with you.

1) A purr can mean happiness

A purr can be a sign of happiness or contentment, but it could also mean the cat is in pain. A cat will often purr when it sees its owner because it feels safe with that person. Cats who are happy tend to purr more loudly than those who are in pain, but just because your cat isn’t making noise doesn’t mean it’s not happy.

2) A meow is a greeting

A meow is a greeting, but it can also mean they want attention, they want something, or they’re just saying hello. Some cats will even let you know when they’re hungry by meowing. When your cat wants food, their tail usually starts twitching back and forth and they may rub their heads on the floor in front of you. Once again, a cat’s meow can be used for many different reasons, so remember that every time your cat meows at you, don’t panic!

3) Yowls are signs of stress or anxiety

A yowl can signify many things in a cat’s life. It could be a sign that they are feeling stressed or anxious, or it could signal that they are hungry and want you to feed them. Whether you are trying to decode your cat’s meow, yowl, or purr, the best way to start is by learning what these sounds mean from your cat’s perspective.

4) Chirps mean they’re happy

Cats use their bodies and voices for many different purposes. They can be used for communicating with humans, other cats, and even with themselves! Cats have a wide range of sounds they can make, from chirping and purring to hissing or growling. A cat may meow when it wants food or attention from its human family member. Cats also meow when they are not feeling well or when they want their human companionship.

5) Purring while kneading means they’re comfortable and content

Purring while kneading means they’re comfortable and content. They do this when they are happy and feeling loved. In contrast, growling means they are unhappy with something: In contrast, growling means they are unhappy with something.
This could be due to hunger, fear, or anger; however it is important to try not to handle them right away if you hear them growl.
Another way your cat can show that he’s displeased is by swatting at the ground: Another way your cat can show that he’s displeased is by swatting at the ground.

6) Licking their humans means they adore them

Licking isn’t a sign of dominance. It’s actually a sign that the cat loves you. Cats lick their humans because they adore them and want to clean them (though this may not be true for all cats). They also lick because they want something, or because they’re mad at you. But most likely, your cat licks you because it loves you!

7) Growling signals anger or fear

When a cat growls, it could be an indication of anger or fear. If your cat is growling at you for instance, it could mean that he doesn’t like the way you’re petting him. On the other hand, if your cat growls when another cat enters the room, he might be feeling threatened and need space.

8) Sneezing usually signals a cold (or allergies!)

Sneezing often accompanies a cold, or the common allergies that come with the changing of the seasons. A sneeze may also signal a hairball in the throat. If your cat has been sneezing and you’re not sure what’s causing it, be sure to have them checked out by a veterinarian.

9) Hissing indicates frustration or anger

When cats hiss, it usually indicates that they are frustrated or angry. This can happen when a cat feels threatened by something or senses danger nearby. For instance, if you try to put your hand in the cat’s food bowl while the cat is eating, he might hiss at you because he doesn’t like being interrupted during mealtime.

10) Squeaking may be cute but there’s an underlying reason. Are you sure it’s not just fun?

Cats use their mouths in many different ways. One of the most common is when they make high pitched, squeaky noises. This noise often seems like just a way for your cat to have some fun, but there are other times when it can indicate something more serious.

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