10 Awesome Toys Every Cat Will Love

Cats are awesome animals, and they’re even more awesome when they have toys to play with. Cats need stimulation in order to stay healthy, happy and well-adjusted, so it’s important to give them toys that let them practice their hunting skills. Here are 10 awesome toys for your cat – or any other cat in your life! – that will not only provide a ton of fun, but also make sure your cat gets plenty of exercise and stimulation on an ongoing basis.

1) DaBird Wand

The Da Bird wand is one of the most popular interactive cat toys on the market. It’s like a feather toy you can wave around, except it’s attached to a long stick so you can fling it and watch your cat chase after it. And if that weren’t fun enough, there are two other attachments available: a mouse with a string attached to it and a little ball with feathers on top that spins as your kitty bats at it.

2) Wobble Wag Giggle Ball

The Wobble Wag Giggle Ball is a cat toy that’s shaped like a ball, but has a little bit of give to it. Cats will love batting at it, and the sounds of rattling bells can be very enticing. It also has an erratic bounce pattern which makes it even more fun for cats to play with.

3) Petmate Giant Mouse House

Tired of the same old, same old? Give your kitty some variety with the Petmate Giant Mouse House. This large mouse house is made of durable plastic and provides plenty of space for your furry friend to explore and play. The house also comes with a door on the side that opens so that you can scoop out all of the mess without having to touch it or use any harmful chemicals.

4) Kitty Play Circuit

This kitty play circuit is a great way to keep your cat entertained and away from your electronics. Your cat will absolutely love chasing after a toy and then running back to the start. The only downside is that you’ll need some space for the course, so be sure you have a good sized room before you get started.

5) Ping-Pong Balls

Cats love to play with ping-pong balls, but this is a toy you should be careful with. Cats can get their claws stuck in the little holes, so make sure to only use them on surfaces that your cat can’t reach up and grab onto.

6) Cardboard Boxes

A simple cardboard box can be the best toy for a cat. There’s just something about the way cats explore and pounce on boxes that makes them feel like they’re chasing prey or catching a mouse! Plus, boxes are an inexpensive and safe toy for your kitty to play with when you’re not around. Just be careful not to leave any small items in the box as this could cause your cat to choke on them.

7) Scratching Post with Climber

The Scratching Post With Climber is a great toy for your feline friend. The wire frame allows them to climb up and claw at the post, while the carpet on top gives them something soft to scratch. And with the catnip sprinkled throughout, they will be coming back for more!

8) Electronic Scratching Pad

An electronic scratching pad is a great way to keep your cat entertained while they’re in the house. It also provides an outlet for their natural instinct to scratch, which can keep them from destroying your furniture. In addition, it feels good on their paws, and mimics the feeling of having a real-life itch scratched.

9) Indoor Swing Toy

The Cat Dancer is arguably the most popular interactive toy for cats. This cat toy is a string with dangling fabric on the end. The fabric moves as the string swings and gives your cat something to pounce on and bat around. This is great for indoor cats who need more mental stimulation as it will help them exercise their brain and not just their body. Plus, this type of toy can be enjoyed by two or more cats at once!

10) KONG Rubber Ball

KONG Rubber Ball is one of the best-known toys for cats because it is made from durable material and can last for many years. Of course, any toy that you give your cat has to be safe and non-toxic. This ball will bounce unpredictably and unpredictably so your cat will have a lot of fun chasing after it. The ball also comes in various sizes so you can find one that’s perfect for your feline friend!

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